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About Jajpur

Jajpur is a temple town situated in the Jajpur district of Odisha, India. This famous city of is known for the historic temples dedicated to the Hindu Gods and Goddess. One can find many eminent temples including Biraja Temple dedicated to Goddess Biraja (Hindu deity Durga), Sveta Baraha ( the avatar of Lord Vishnu), Sapta Matruka (the seven divine mothers representing the seven shaktis) and other prominent ones. Being a famous pilgrimage destination, it attracts devotees from all around the world. Also called as Biraja Khetra which means the holy place of Goddess Biraja, this town is situated about 112km from the capital city Bhubaneswar and is now a recognized as a frequently visited place for its high archaeological value.

About Jajpur
Biraja Temple in Jajpur

History of Jajpur

Situated on the right bank of river Baitarani, Jajpur is said to be named after Somavanshi king ‘Jajata Kesari’ of the early tenth century. Also, as this place is dedicated mainly to the Hindu deity Viraja Khetra, the history of this place is closely associated to the legend. It was believed by Archaeologists that this city, being a symbol of ancient Hindu culture, was once in the history, filled with scores of highly rich ancient Hindu temples like the nearby temple town Bhubaneswar. In 736 AD, there was an event occurred with the entry of the Bhaumakaras. The Bhaumas and Somvanshi are the two most powerful dynasties that ruled over the Odisha wholly for about a long period of four centuries and are also creditable for the culture developed in this state during their reign. During the King Somvanshi’s reign, he made Jajpur his capital and this is the reason behind the development of flourished states of Odisha because Jajpur contributed a lot in the smooth transformation of the other states during the King Somvanshi’s rule. It was the part of Cuttack district before 1 April 1993, when this district was divided into four districts, Jajpur being one of them.

Geography of Jajpur

which coordinates at 20.85°N and 86.33°E, lies at an elevation of 8 meters. Jajpur district is bordered in the north by Keonjhar and Bhadrak districts, Cuttack is situated on its south with Dhenkanal district on the west and Kendrapada district located in the east side. It experiences stable climatic conditions with an average rainfall 1014.5 mm. During the summer season climate becomes hot and humid but thunderstorms can be expected anytime as the city lies near the sea. Also, these thunderstorms cause a lot of destruction to the area. And, during the monsoon season it receives a huge rainfall as it is a part of south west monsoon side. Coming to the year end, in the winter season, the weather becomes mild with some unexpected rainfalls. As it is situated very near to the sea side, this place remains vulnerable to cyclones. But Odisha is taken effective steps to minimize the loss that can be caused by these cyclones by some efficient disaster management teaching to the residents of this place.

Tourism in Jajpur

Tourism in Jajpur
Ratnagiri Gate-Jajpur

As this place is home to many temples, it mainly attracts peoples from around the world The excellently crafted temples situat,ed in this place show the rich architectural legacy of this place. These temples are Biraja Temple, Chhatia Temple, Gokarneswar temple, Jagannath temple, Saptamatruka and so on. Apart of these temples, the most frequently visited tourist places in and around Jajpur are Chandikhole, Duburi, Archaeological museum at Ratnagiri, Mahabinayak, Atharanala, Dasaswamedha Ghat, Langudi hill, Udayagiri and Galagali Sankha.

Culture of Jajpur

Jajpur is a place of high cultural importance. It is also announced as a place of Indian heritage of Odisha. This region is rich in the artistic things made by the habitants of this area. People living here are expertise in painting, architectures, sculptures and handicrafts. The famous Jajpur school of Painting is a result of its rich cultural heritage. The frequently visited places are the historical monuments such as, Biraja Temple, Lord Baraha Temple, Ratnagiri, Udaygiri and so on attract tourists from around the world. The people at this place are very spiritual and happily celebrate all the festivals. The women of this district worship Goddess Lakshmi during the month of Margasira because it is said to be the month of harvesting of the crops. Also in this festival, the houses are painted and decorated with the murals by using white rice paste which shows the traditional heritage of painting of this city. The famous folk tradition of Odisha, i.e., the Pala, Daskatahia Yatra and Ghoda Nacha is also performed by the folk people. Also, this place contributes a lot to the Odisha literature by giving some famous writers like, Upendra Tripathy, Bama Charan mitra and Achyutananda pati and many others.

Economy of Jajpur

Economy of JajpurJajpur in Odisha is rich in the natural and mineral resources and so attract lot of investors. Thus, there are around 1,337 SMEs available in this area. Also, this place is also an important place of large scale industries manufacturing in the Production of steel, Iron, power and Jute as this place is rich in the minerals and is also spacious for the large scale Industries. The district being rich in the natural resources, coal and mines has become of immense importance for the large scale and medium Steel, alloys and iron Industries and thus provide sufficient employment to the people. Agriculture is another major occupation prcatised by the people in Jajpur.

Jindal Stainlness Limited
Address: Kalinga Nagar Ind. Complex, Jajpur Road, Jajpur-755026

Visa Steel Limited
Address: Kalinga Nagar Industrial Complex
Jakhapura, Jajpur-755026
BBRS Off-VISA House, 11,Ekamra Kanan, Nayapali, BBSR-751015

IDICOL Ferro Chrome Alloys Ltd
Address: Ferro Chrome Project,
Jajpur Road, Jajpur-755020

Midest Integrated Steels Ltd
Address: Fac-Khurunti, Jajpur
Off- MESCO Tower, Plot No-3915, Lewis Road, Kedar Gouri Sqr. BBSR-14

Food in Jajpur

Jajpur has its own expertise in its unique cuisines. The famous Peda of Jajpur is eaten all around India. It is also known for some mouth watering delicacies like, Chaat, Gupchup, Bara, Piaji, Aluchop, Singada, Pakudi, Chakoli, Pakhala Bhata and Idlis and Bras with the famous south Sambar and Chutney. There are many restaurants where you can visit to try traditional dishes of Jajpur.

Suryansh Hotels and Resorts
Address: Bank Street, Jajpur Road,
Jajapur, Odisha-755019
Phone - 06726-224920, 06726-224924

Dhanusen Restaurants
Address: Hotel Vimsen Palace, 96, Jajpur Road,
Byasanagar- 755019
Phone: (6726) 224441

Transportation in Jajpur

Transportation in Jajpur
Jajpur Kheonjar Railway Station

Being an important tourist place, Jajpur is well linked by road, air and rail transports. One can easily reach this place in a short span of time. So, let’s inform you about the various means of transport available to get to Jajpur. The region is connected via Jajpur Kheonjar Railway Station. There are several trains connecting to the other cities like, Howrah Junction, New Delhi, Puri, Kolkata Shalimar, Kamankhya Junction, Sambalpur, Yesvantpur Junction and many others. As far as air connectivity is concerned the nearest airports to Jajpur is Bhubaneswar Airport at a distance of about 287 km. One can reach airport by taxi or other road transports easily. There are only a few buses that travel to Jajpur but instead of it one can get a bus to Chandikhol which 39.3 km away from Jajpur. Other alternative can be taken by getting a bus to Kendrapada, which is 64.9 km away from Jajpur. The state government provides enough buses to travel to these buses at affordable prices but private buses can also be taken. Apart from traveling by bus, a convenient option is also available in the form of car hiring services.

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