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Banks in Jajpur

Today banks have become an essential part of each and everyone’s life. Jajpur which is now its way on to become a commercial hub, has a large number of banks to provide the money depositing and other facilities to its residents. Also, these banks are helpful to tourists as well. Below, we have provided a detailed list of all the banks and their branches in Jajpur, so that if any resident of this district wants to open an account and needs the information about them, he/she can check this important list.

List of Bank Branches in Jajpur

Banks in Jajpur

State Bank of India Branches in Jajpur District

Jajpur Branch

Address: At by Post , Jajpur,
Odisha- 755001
Contact: + (91)-6726-220305, 6726-221704
IFSC Code: SBIN0000094
MICR Code: 755002100
Website: www.sbi.co.in

Bairi Branch

Address: Bairi, Dist Jajpur, Odisha- 754082
Contact: 06725-278224
IFSC Code: SBIN0009067
MICR Code: 754002082

Balichandrapur Branch

Address: Balichandrapur, Jajpur, Odisha- 754205
Contact: 0671-2768623, 2768934
IFSC Code: SBIN0004857
MICR Code: 754002205

Biraja Temple Branch

Address: At and Post, Jajpur,
Odisha- 755001
IFSC Code: SBIN0012064
MICR Code: 755002101
Contact: 6723-222036

Brahmabarada Branch

Address: At Post, Brahmabarada,
Jajpur, Odisha- 755005
IFSC Code: SBIN0012056
Contact: 94376436

Byasanagar Branch

Address: Byasanagar, Jajpur,
Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: SBIN0010920
MICR Code: 755002019

Chandikhol Branch

Address: At Hotel mid East,
Jajpur, Odisha- 755044
IFSC Code: SBIN0004398
MICR Code: 754002098
Contact: 0671-221916

Duburi Project Branch

Address: Danagodi, Dist Jajpur, Odisha- 755026
IFSC Code: SBIN0008529
MICR Code: 755002026
Contact: 06726-221135

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Jajpur Road, Jajpur, Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: SBIN0001820
MICR Code: 755002099
Contact: 06726-221704, 220305

Jaraka Branch

Address: At and POST, Jaraka,
Jajpur, Odisha- 755050
IFSC Code: SBIN0012054
MICR Code: 755002050
Contact: 6725-273072

Kabatabandha Branch

Address: At by POST Kabatabandha, via Jenapur,
Jajpur, Odisha- 755023
IFSC Code: SBIN0012055
MICR Code: 755002023
Contact: 9437500674

Kaipada Branch

Address: At & Post, Kaipada, via Indupur
Jajpur, Odisha- 755010
IFSC Code: SBIN0008092
MICR Code: 755002010
Contact: 06728-212604, 09937505308

Kalarangiata Branch

Address: Kalarangiata, Jajpur, Odisha- 755025
IFSC Code: SBIN0006545
MICR Code: 755002025
Contact: 06726-268769

Kalinga Nagar Branch

Address: At Kalinganagar, POST, Gobarghati,
Jajpur, Odisha- 755026
IFSC Code: SBIN0005757
MICR Code: 755002001
Contact: 06726-245222

Kuakhia Branch

Address: Kuakhia Bazar, At By Post, Kuakhia,
Odisha- 755009
IFSC Code: SBIN00101919
MICR Code: 755002009
Contact: 9437407598

Mangalpur Branch

Address: Jajpur District, Odisha– 755011
IFSC Code: SBIN0012057
Contact: 9437408933

Panikoili Branch

Address: Panikoili Bazar, At by Post, Panikoili,
Dist Jajpur, Odisha- 755043
IFSC Code: SBIN0012057
MICR Code: 755002043
Contact: 06726-240284

RBO Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Rbo Jajpur Road, At Umapada Post
Jajpur Road, Jajpur, Odisha-755019
IFSC Code: SBIN0005115

Singhpur Branch

Address: Singhpur, Jajpur District, Odisha– 755016
IFSC Code: SBIN0013594
Contact: 8895836464

Sukinda Branch

Address: Sukinda, Dist Jajpur, Odisha- 755018
IFSC Code: SBIN0002128
MICR Code: 755002018
Contact: 06726-244452

ICICI Bank Branches in Jajpur

Chandikhol Branch

Address: At-Chandikhol, Chaak, Post Sunguda,
Chandikhol, Jajpur Dist., Odisha- 754024
IFSC Code: ICIC0002034
MICR Code: 755229202
Contact: Mr. Biswamohan Panda -09937111401

Duburi Branch

Address: Near Kapileshwar High School, At-Duburi, Kalinganagar,
Duburi, Jajpur Dist., Odisha- 755026
IFSC Code: ICIC0002023
MICR Code: 755229302
Contact: Sitakanta Dash 09178466607

Jajpur Branch

Address: Plot No-388, Bank Street, Main Road,
Near Chorda Bypass, Jajpur Road,
Jajpur Dist., Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: ICIC0000592
Contact: Manas Kumar Mohanty 06726-224787 88

AXIS Bank Branches in Jajpur

Chandikhole Branch

Address: Nayak Building, Chandikhole Chhak,
Sunguda, Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 754 024
IFSC Code: UTIB0001073
MICR Code: 754211004
Contact: 06725) 220340 2 3 (06725) 220341

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Bank Street, Jajpur Road, District Jajpur, Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: UTIB0000501
MICR Code: 755211002
Contact: (06726) 220 970, 72, 73

Jajpur Town Branch

Address: Sri. Ganesh I.T.I. Campus,
Sitaleswar, Jajpur Town,
Jajpur, Odisha- 755101
IFSC Code: UTIB0001122
MICR Code: 755211003
Contact: (06728) 223245 6 7 (06728) 223248

Bank of India Branches in Jajpur

Duburi Branch

Address: At POST Duburi,

Kalinganagar, Jajpur, Odisha- 755206

IFSC Code: BKID0005114

Contact: 06726-245275

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Bye Pass Road, At Post Jajpur Road,
Dist: Jajpur, Odisha-755019
IFSC Code: BKID0005115
Contact: Bijay Kumar Mallik 9437055228

Jajpur Town Branch

Address: Main Road, Jajati Nagar, Near Jajpur P S Post,
Jajpur Town, Dist Jajpur, Odisha- 755001
IFSC Code: BKID0005120

Ragadi Branch

Address: At POST Ragadi, Dist. Jajpur, Odisha-755019
IFSC Code: BKID0005104
Contact: Manamohan Mishra 06726-249138, 09861399931

Allahabad Bank Branches in Jajpur

Anjira Branch

Address: Vill Anjira Balichandrasahi Chhak, At Saragada Mukundapur,
Via Jenapur, Dist Jajpur, Odisha- 755023
IFSC Code: ALLA0212661
Contact: Mihir Mohapatra, 8018486339, Janaki Prasad Patnayak

Aruha Branch

Address: At & Post Aruha, Via- Haridaspur,
Dist. Jajpur, Odisha -755 024
IFSC Code: ALLA0211170
MICR Code: 755010501
Contact: Sumana Das, Ajit K Biswal, 06725-220206

Chakradharpur Branch

Address: At- Kusunpur, Post- Balarampur,
Talagarh, Via-Jenapur, Jajpur, Odisha
IFSC Code: ALLA0211227
Contact: A Sahu, 9338467746 & B C Garnaik, 986177324

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Bank Street Post, Jajpur Road,
Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: ALLA0210059
MICR Code: 755010102
Contact: Santosh Kumar, Deobish, 0672-6220231

Mangalpur Branch

Address: Vill. & Post Mangalpur Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 755011
IFSC Code: ALLA0211024
MICR Code: 755010502
Contact: Naveen Patnaik, Dasarathi Behera, 06728-258231

Mirzapur Branch

Address: Vill. & Post, Mirzapur Block Dharmasala, Dist. Jajpur,
Odisha- 755003
IFSC Code: ALLA0211696
MICR Code: 755010503
Contact: Kapilendra Behera, Balram Mallik, 06725-214733

Purbakote Branch

Address: Vill. & Post, Purbakote Block Korei,
Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 755004
IFSC Code: ALLA0211680
MICR Code: 755010504
Contact: Murlidhar Sethi, Laxman Mahali, 06726 249351

Central Bank of India Branches in Jajpur

Binjharpur Branch

Address: At Binjharpur,
Dist- Jajpur, Odisha-755004
IFSC Code: CBIN0281178
Contact: 06728 – 230025

Jajpur Rd Dist Cuttack Branch

Address: Main Road, Bank Street, At & Post. Jajpur Road,
Dist-Jajpur, Odisha -755019
IFSC Code: CBIN0281446
Contact: 06726-220357

Jajpur Town Branch

Address: Jajpur Branch, College Square,
Jajpur, dist. Jajpur, Odisha - 755001
IFSC Code: CBIN0284192
Contact: 9435409792

Neulpur Branch

Address: Near Accident Treatment Center, Chandikhala At & Post Neulpur,
Dist- Jajpur, Odisha-755024
IFSC Code: CBIN0282483
Contact: 06725- - 220212

Puruna Baulmala

Address: At Puruna Baulamala,
Dist- Jajpur, Odisha-755023
IFSC Code: CBIN0282961
Contact: 06725- - 260126

IDBI Bank Branches in Jajpur:

Duburi Branch

Address: Gurushakti Market Complex, Duburi Chhak,
Duburi, District- Jajpur, Odisha- 755026
IFSC Code: IBKL0000327
MICR Code: 755259302
Contact: Dr. Shukdeb Pal, 06726 245081 82 83

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Abhiram Market Complex, At-gopabandhu Chhaka,
Post - Jajpur Road, Dist - Jajpur, Odisha- 755019,
IFSC Code: IBKL0001042

Canara Bank Branches in Jajpur

Duburi Branch

Address: At & Post- Baragadia, Kalinga Nagar,
Duburi, Dist- Jajpur, Odisha -755026
IFSC Code: CNRB0003364
Contact: 99370 01915

Jajpur Branch

Address: At & Post Jajpur Road, Jajpur, Odisha - 755019
IFSC Code: CNRB0001251
Contact: 06726-220339

HDFC Bank Branches in Jajpur

Chandikhol Branch

Address: S N Plaza, Post Sunguda, Chandikhol Chowk,
Chandikhol, Odisha- 754024
IFSC Code: HDFC0002271
MICR Code: 755240202

Jajpur Branch

Address: Bibisaram Market Chak, Jajpur Town, Jajpur, Odisha- 755002
IFSC Code: HDFC0002310
MICR Code: 755240002

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Bypass Square, Chordha, Jaipur Main Road, Jajpur, Odisha- 755002
IFSC Code: HDFC0000706
MICR Code: 755240102
Contact: Sujit Kurup, Anant Shinde, Sandeep Puthran 022-30751912, 2041 2042

Corporation Bank Branches in Jajpur

Chandikhole Branch

Address: 1st Floor, Khata No.267, Plot No.2590, NH-5, Near Chandikhol Masjid, Post Sunguda, Chandikhol, Odisha-754024
IFSC Code: CORP0001758
Contact: 06725-226124

Jajpur Town Branch

Address: At - Sitleshwar, near Trimurti Cinema, Ambhikei Chhaka,
Jajpur, Orissa- 755001
IFSC Code: CORP0001802
Contact: 06728-222017

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Plot No 13942632, Bank Street, Jajpur Road,
Dist. Jajpur, Odisha-755019
IFSC Code: CORP0001434

Dena Bank Branches in Jajpur

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Jajpur Road, Chorda Byepass, Odisha-755019
IFSC Code: BKDN0911253
Contact: 06762-224222, jajkol@denabank.co.in

Kalinganagar Branch

Address: Vill & Post Duburi, Ps: Kalinganagar,
Dist Jajpur, Odisha- 755026
IFSC Code: BKDN0911396
Contact: kaling@denabank.co.in

Indian Bank Branches in Jajpur

Ankula Bank Branch

Address: Ankula, Jajpur Town, Odisha- 755001
IFSC Code: IDIB000A080
MICR Code: 755019002
Contact: 06728 222097

Baliapal Bank Branch

Address: Baliapal, Bainsiria, Jajpur, Odisha- 755021
IFSC Code: IDIB000B067
MICR Code: 755019003
Contact: 06728 246633

Kalinganagar Bank Branch

Address: Danagadi, Jajpur, Odisha- 755026
IFSC Code: IDIB000K217
MICR Code: 755019502

Saudia Bank Branch

Address: Saudia, Jajpur District, Odisha- 754292
IFSC Code: IDIB000S114
MICR Code: 754019010
Contact: 0671 2389989

Punjab National Bank Branches in Jajpur

Darpan Branch

Address: Vill-Khandiabandha, Post-ChandIkhole,
Jajpur, Odisha- 755044
IFSC Code: PUNB0244700
Contact: 06725-220317 Dharam Singh Patel

Duburi Dist. Jajpur Branch

Address: Post Bargadia, Duburi,
Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 755026
IFSC Code: PUNB0463900
Contact: 9437291429 Anil Kumar Rout

Haripurhat Branch

Address: Haripurhat, Kabirpur, Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 755009
IFSC Code: PUNB0321800
Contact: 06725-271046 Dasarathi Gochayat

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Jajpur Road, Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: PUNB0675300
Contact: Dipak Kumar Nayak 08895570111

Jajpur Town Branch

Address: College Road, Post Jajpur Town, Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 755001
IFSC Code: PUNB0675400
Contact: Baghirathi Nayak 09777081934

Karnataka Bank Branches in Jajpur

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: First Floor, Gate No. 1, Mukta Market Complex, Gopabandhu Chhak,
Jajpur Road, Jajpur Dist. Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: KARB0000367
MICR Code: 755052102

UCO Bank Branches in Jajpur

Abdalpur Branch

Address: Abdalpur, Jajpur, Odisha
IFSC Code: UCBA0001571
Contact: 06728-222085

Barabati Branch

Address: Barabati, Jajpur, Odisha
IFSC Code: UCBA0001766
Contact: 6712389424

Dharamsala Branch

Address: Dharmasala, at & post - Jaraka,
Dist- Jajpur, Odisha-755050
IFSC Code: UCBA0000741
Contact: 06725-273026

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Jajpur Road Bank Street, Jajpur, Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: UCBA0002365
Contact: 9861156321

Jakhapura Branch

Address: Vill. & Post – Jakhapur, Jajpur, Odisha- 755026
IFSC Code: UCBA0001572
MICR Code: 755028026
Contact: 06726-242528

Kiajhar Branch

Address: Vill & Post -Kiajhar, Dankarshahi, Jajpur, Odisha
IFSC Code: UCBA0001667
MICR Code: 755028019
Contact: 9777793868

Madhubanhat Branch

Address: At & Post Madhubanhat, Jajpur, Odisha
IFSC Code: UCBA0001589
Contact: 06725-271016

Markandpur Branch

Address: Vill. & Post - Markand via Devidwar, Jajpur, Odisha
IFSC Code: UCBA0001570
MICR Code: 755028007
Contact: 06728-222162

Federal Bank Branches in Jajpur

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Ground Floor, T C Plaza, Chorde Bypass Square, Jajpur Road Post
Jajpur (dist), Orissa 755019
IFSC Code: FDRL0001929
Contact: jrd@federalbank.co.in

Syndicate Bank Branches in Jajpur

Chandikhol Branch

Address: Chandikhol Chhak, Sunguda Post, via Dhanmandal,
Jajpur, Odisha- 754 024
IFSC Code: SYNB0008051

Duburi Branch

Address: Ground Floor, Duburi Chhak (Kalinga Nagar), Duburi,
Jajpur, Odisha - 755 026
IFSC Code: SYNB0008054
MICR Code: 755025302
Contact: 06726 245977

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Unit No 3, Padmapur, Bank Street, Jajpur Road,
Jajpur, Odisha- 755 019
IFSC Code: SYNB0008052

Union Bank of India Branches in Jajpur

Balmukhli Branch

Address: At & Post Balamukulihat, Via Mashra, Dist. Jajpur, Orissa, Pin - 755 012
IFSC Code: UBIN0545236
Contact: 06728-236036

Jajpur Branch

Address: Abhishek Complex, Rani Ramchandrapur Rd, Medical Road,
Jajpur, Odisha - 755 001
IFSC Code: UBIN0537080
Contact: (06728)-222072

Utangara Branch

Address: At & Post Uttangara, Via Rambagh, Dist. Jajpur, Odisha- 755 014
IFSC Code: UBIN0545279
Contact: 06728-257404

Indian Overseas Bank Branches in Jajpur

Chandikhole Branch

Address: Jena Market Complex, Post Sunguda via Dhanmandal,
Jajpur, Odisha -754024
IFSC Code: IOBA0000331

Dasarathapur Branch

Address: Jhumpri Bazar, Dasarathapur, Jajpur, Odisha- 755006
IFSC Code: IOBA0002630

Jajpur Branch

Address: Nayak Market, Jajpur Town, Jajpur, Odisha- 755001
IFSC Code: IOBA0002629

Jajpur Road Branch

Address: Gopabandhu Chhak, At Post Jajpur Road, Jajpur, Odisha- 755019
IFSC Code: IOBA0001286
Contact: 06726 -220810

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