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Jajpur Tourism

Jajpur is one of the most visited pilgrimage destination in India. Besides beautifully carved temples, it is known for rich historical heritage. It offers a variety of places to visit. Temple and Buddhist monuments will fill you mind with devotion. For history buff people visiting archaeological museum will be a learning experience about the regions glorious past. Also, the nature enthusiast can visit the mesmerizing Galangali Sankha or the Satarnala Bridge. In short Jajpur has lot in its platter to offer its visitors looking to explore this city of Odisha.

Jajpur Tourism
The temple of Goddess Biraja

Best time to visit Jajpur

Jajpur experience normal climatic conditions throughout the year except the occasional waterfalls. However, the best time to visit this city of temples is from October to March, due to the lovely and chilly weather, rather than the humid season of summer. But one can decide their own time of visiting Jajpur as this city’s weather is moderate during most of the months.

Tourist Helpline Numbers

Odisha Tourism
Paryatan Bhawan, Museum Campus,
Lewis Road, Bhubaneswar, Odisha- 751014
Phone: 0674 2432177
Website: www.orissatourism.gov.in
E-mail: ortour@orissatourism.gov.in
Helpline Number: 18002191414

Famous Tourist Spots in Jajpur

Being one of the popular pilgrimages around the world, Jajpur is also known as the city of temples. One can find large number of beautiful and excellently carved temples which signify the cultural heritage of the region. You will surely love to explore the famous spots located in and around Jajpur in Odisha. According to the Archaeological survey of India, this district is declared among one of the richest heritage sites of India and is kept under their protection. Places like, Langudi Hills, Archaeological Museum, Mahabinayak, Udaygiri, Ratnagiri and Khandigiri are famous for their historical monuments and the natural surroundings. This place is a must visit for all the archaeology and history enthusiasts.

Biraja Temple

Biraja Temple is one of the major tourist attraction of Jajpur. This temple is one of the historical temples of India and is also a frequently visited pilgrimage destination. Constructed in the early thirteenth century, it is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga who is worshiped here as an idol named as Biraja. The idol appeared as the Deity Durga with two hands, piercing Mahishasura’s chest with a spear in one hand and with the other hand she pulls his tail. Also, the idol of Maa Durga is shown standing on lion in one leg and the other leg is on Mahishasura’s chest. Here the Mahishasura is not shown as a human demon but as a buffalo. The crown placed on the Durga Idol’s head is having a symbol of Ganesha, Crescent Moon and a Shivalinga. This beautiful temple is built covering a vast area and it also has the idols of other deities and many Shivalinga. The reason why Jajpur is also called as Viraja Kshetra or the Biraja Peetha is given in the Skanda Purana and Utkala Khanda. In these epics, it is given that this place washes all the rajo guna of Pilgrims. This temple can be easily reached by comfortably getting a bus from Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, and Kolkata or from any other small cities of Odisha. Also, situated at a distance of 200 meters from this temple, Atharnala is also a excellent example of old medieval architecture and is must visit.


Temples in Jajpur
Mahavinayak Temple

Mahabinayak Temple is one of the ancient and famous pilgrimage destinations of Odisha. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha and is the place which enshrines the five gods, i.e. Vishnu, Ganesha, Shiva, Shakti and Surya and these Pancha Devata are worshiped as a single deity in the Single Sanctorum which is unique. Also, the pleasant and scenic beauty of mountains attracts tourists to explore this place.

Chandikhole town

The next important religious place in Jajpur is Chandikhole town. This place got his name after the Goddess Chandi. The late monk Baba Bhairabananda Brahmachari and the ardent devotee of Goddess Chandi constructed this temple in 1932. This temple was built in one of the joining hills of Barunei which were covered with dense forest and ferocious animals. This place is also can be reached by hiring a four wheeler from Cuttack or any other nearby cities of Jajpur district.

Dasaswamedha Ghat

Dasaswamedha Ghat located on the river banks of Baitarani, is a popular divine place to visit in Jajpur. This place made in the reign of the king Jajati Kesari. Tourists visit this place for the holy bath Baruni Snana, which is a significant occasion celebrated in February and March. This holy bath is considered very auspicious. The people who take this bath on any holy day of Hindu calendar are said to be blessed. The holy Temple of Saptamaruka is also present on the Dasaswamedha Ghat. This temple is dedicated to the Seven Goddesses namely, Chamunda, Barahi, Indrani, Vaisnavi, Brahmi, Kaimari, Maheswari and Narasingh. This place is also known as the Shaktipitha of this state. It was said that these Goddesses originated from Maa Durga’s body while killing the evils Nishumba and Shumba. Also, the matrikas emerged are said to be representing the inner will of their respective male Gods. These Goddesses are considered as the attendants of Goddess Viraja and are said to be the protector of the folks of this city.

Gokarneswar Temple

Situated at a distance of 1 km from Jaraka, this temple is considered legendary, as during the days of Mahabharata, it was said that Pandavas visited this place to pay homage to their ancestors and forefathers. Also, they chose the holy Brahmani River to do the ancestral rituals. That’s why this place has mythological importance and is frequently visited by the tourists.

The Chhatia Temple is also a famous temple dedicated to the Lord Jagannath. The Gokarneswar Temple in Jaraka is also a must visit. Also, there is a beautiful Jagannath Temple situated on the banks of river Baitarani and this temple is related to the other pilgrimage spots of Lord Jagannath. Saptamaruka, the temple of the Seven Goddesses is built near the Dasaswamedha Ghat. Other than these important temples, the ancient Lord Shiva temple in Jaunlibandha is also visited by the tourists.


Jajpur famous spots

Ratnagiri is one of the most prominent center that attracts tourists from far and wide. Situated in the Birupa river valley it is the part of the famous diamond triangle, i.e. Ratnagiri, Udaygiri and Lalitgiri.
There are many things to see around the village of Ratnagiri whether the rich Buddhist antiquities, Buddhist monasteries and shrines, ancient stupas and the Sacred relics which are protected at the Odisha museum in Ratnagiri. It was also known as the grand learning place of the Buddhism of the tantric cult which is called as Vajyarana. In Ratnagiri, if you are a history enthusiast, you can explore places like, Udaygiri and Lalitgiri known for their Buddhist monasteries and antiques, Tarapur known for the recently excavated sculptures, Radhanagar called as the ancient royal city for its inscriptions found during the excavation and the famous Deuli hills or the twin hills known for the brilliantly finished rock cut stupas and caves.

Langudi Hills

Langudi Hills is one of the famous Buddhist heritage site in Jajpur. Situated on the river banks of Kelua River, this place has inscriptions made on the stones which are rarest to find around the world. It was once prominent Buddhist learning site which flourished till 13th century. The embellished rock-cut Stupas and Buddhist monuments and shrines have been found here. The Buddhist remains present at this place also specify that it was the important centre of the Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana sects of Buddhism.

Archaeological Museum

The next important heritage site of this place is the famous Archaeological Museum housing the antiques and the ancient architectural remains found during the excavations at the place. This museum is divided in four galleries. Visitors can find antique stone images of Buddha in various poses, Avalokitesvara, Khasarpana, Lokesvara, Manjusri, Tara,belonging to 9th to 11th century AD. An image of seated tara and an image of Manjushri in dhyanamudra both are the excellent examples of the architectural modeling of the ancient times. The next gallery features the marvelously made sculpture of Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Jambhala, Tara in various poses, Vasudhara, Chunda, woman in dancing posture etc. Moving to the third one, you will find it presenting the beautifully crafted images of Buddha, Stupas, Bodhisattva, Maitreya and some other Vajrayana deities. And the last one has the remaining excavated and magnificent terracotta objects, seals and sealing, ivory objects, inscribed copper plates, potsherds and relic pots, objects of daily use, etc. The opening Hours are 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and on Friday it is closed. Also, the entrance fee is Rs. 2 per head.

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves

Situated at a distance of 103.8 km from Jajpur, these famous Buddhist monuments can be reached in about 3 hrs from Jajpur. These caves are both of archaeological and religious importance. These are said to be carved by the Jain Monks during the rule of the King Kharavela. Udayagiri contains 18 beautifully rock cut built caves and Khandagiri has total 15 magnificent caves. These caves are excellently carved and have Buddhist monasteries in them. Also, these are mainly the twin caves of the Kumarigiri hills and later named as Udayagiri and Khandagiri. Khandagiri situated on the hill top gives a full panoramic view of Bhubaneswar from the top.
Udaygiri and Khandagiri Caves

Travel Agents in Jajpur

Travel Agents in Jajpur
Travel Agents in Jajpur

Travel Agents are those who provide the tourists with information relating to staying and transport facilities. They also act as a tourist guide to them. In Jajpur, there are many travel agencies that can asure safe and secure visit to this place. Some of them are listed below.

Hariomm Travels
Address: D D Market, Jajpur, Jajpur Road, Jajpur Road R S, Jajpur - 755019
Phone: +(91)-9861272835 / +(91)-6726-222835

Suman Travels
Address: H No. 277, Kanheipur, Jajapur, Jajpur - 755020
Phone: +(91)-9337110444

Hasan Travels
Address: Gandhi chak, Jajpur HO, Jajpur - 755001, near District court
Phone: +(91)-9438779540, 9658864453, 8339982323

M M Travels
Address: D D Market, Jajpur, Jajpur Road, Jajpur Road R S, Jajpur - 755019
Phone: +(91)-9861240763

Navin Travels
Address: Jajpur Station Road, Jajpur, Main Road, Jajpur Road R S, Jajpur - 755019
Phone: +(91)-6726-221347

Omm SAI Tours & Travels
Address: Jena Market Complex, Chandikhol, Jajpur, Orissa, College Road, Chandikhol, Jajpur - 755044
Phone: +(91)-8895294230

Shantilal Travels
Address: JJKR Station Rd, Jajpur Road R S, Jajpur - 755019,
Phone: +(91)-9238361789, 9237289177

Jagannath Travel Agency
Address: Dhabalgiri, Jajpur, Jajpur Road, Jajpur Road R S, Jajpur - 755019 View Map
Phone: +(91)-9861239600

Where to Stay in Jajpur ?

Being a well-liked and often visited tourist place of Odisha essential staying facilities in Jajpur is provided by various hotels and lodges spreads across the region. There are several hotels ranging from luxury to budget. These facilities offered are 24 hours room service, free WiFi and in-house laundry and so on. So, the details of some of the best hotels are given below.

Hotel Sarita Resorts
Jajpur Road, Jajpur Road R S, Near Chorda Bye pass,
Jajpur Odisha- 755019
Phone: +91 9658181145

Deo Residency & Resorts
Jakhapura, Duburi, Near Tata Steel, Kalinga Nagar Project,
Baragadia, Jajpur Odisha-755026
Phone: +91 6726 224655

Suryansh Hotel & Resorts
Bank Street, Jajpur,
Jajpur Odisha-755020
Website: www.suryanshhotels.com
Phone: +91 6726 22420, +916726 22421, 22, 23

Hotel Mirabel Jajpur

Jajpur Road R S, Near Bus Stand, Bye pass Road,
Jajpur Odisha- 755019
Phone: +91 6726 224950, 51, 52, 53

In addition to all, Jajpur is a must visit place and one of the best holiday destinations for all the religious and heritage lovers to have a good time spent in exploring its sacred temples and its rich archaeological legacy.

How to Reach Jajpur ?

Transport in Jajpur
Jajpur Keonjgar Railway Station

Jajpur is an important tourist pilgrimage place and a mesmerizing destination to spend vacations. The region is well linked by all the means of transports with major cities of the country. It is located just 99 km from the temple town and the capital city Bhubaneswar and that’s why it is easy to get to this place. One of the convenient ways to reach Jajpur is to travel by rail. Jajpur has its own railway station that comes under Howrah-Chennai Line connecting it to other major cities of Orissa. Bhubaneswar airport and Ranchi Airport are two nearest airports. While Bhubaneswar airport is situated 79 km away, Ranchi Airport is about 272 km far from Jajpur. Both Bhubaneswar airport and Ranchi airport offer main flights connected to all the major cities of India. There are few bus routes accessible to Jajpur. Other than that one can hire a taxi or car to travel by own and exploring the roads of Jajpur.

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